Day 1

Today was a busy day on other things. It was my last day working on a side job I needed to get done, and I mobilized too late to do any writing before leaving the house. Had dinner with a friend after, and got home late, and it would have been so easy to say, I just want to start fresh tomorrow morning. But is that the case or did I just want to procrastinate? I realized after dinner that I have only 4 weeks before summer school starts, and one of those weeks is a conference and visiting friends, plus I need 2 days to go to Nashville for archival research. So no time to waste.

Too late tonight to start working on something big that requires reading and review. I have this fellowship proposal due on June 3rd. The three proposal questions are only a total of 1,350 words so it has to be tight. So I decided to start tonight because I know I will want to write drafts and make lots of cuts. Just wrote over 500 words on one of the questions. A start but far too wordy given all they want us to cover in this section – the proposal itself. The other sections are the 100-word summary, and the 500-word biographical statement which is the part I am dreading most. But I forced myself to make a start. Don’t want to say too much here about it, but the original deadline was May 15th. I didn’t think they would think I’m the right writer for this fellowship, but after the deadline passed they announced they were re-opening the applications for two more weeks, which means they at least want more to choose from, or maybe didn’t get enough applications of quality. It’s geared more towards freelancers and journalists than academics, but the worst that can happen is they say no.

Output, day 1: 574 words