Day 2

Ugh. Terrible day. Did not get started first thing this morning, and did a combination of puttering/emails/other things to do instead. Not good. I did, however, finally buy an external hard drive (2T) which I’ve been meaning to do (but could not afford) ever since my other one stopped working sometime around 2015 when it was knocked off a table by my mother’s home health aide. (I believe the material is still on the hard disk, but it won’t connect to a computer.) I needed to do this, though, because for the photo essay I am working on, I don’t have enough storage on any computer to sort through my many memory cards, since I’ll be drawing on photos taken in 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (400 hundred photos this year). So the plan is to start uploading my memory cards to the external hard drive this week, so at least I can start with the photos for this photo essay, and then work on organizing the rest of my thousands of photos all summer. I don’t know where the files are of the ones I’ve already cropped and edited. So at least equipment wise, I took two steps forward but also one step back as my laptop crashed repeatedly throughout the day, oh at least 6-8 times.

Then ended up doing other stuff this evening, helping out two friends, not feeling good about my work, and finally forcing myself to get back to my fellowship proposal so late in the night that it’s actually tomorrow.  (Note to self: Draw firmer boundaries this summer. When I was trying to calculate where the day went, I realized I had spent 3 1/4 hours in the evening helping out these two friends through phone and text, and that wasn’t counting the two hours I didn’t start anything because I was waiting for one of them to call.  So that’s 5 1/4 hours spent on other people’s needs – which I ordinarily am happy to do, but it’s not writing.)  I was thinking in my head all day about my proposal, and wrote some good stuff, but it all needs to be edited by Friday.

Output, day 2: 325 words.