Day 3 – An attempt at fieldwork

Today’s plan was to attend a Nepalese poetry and music event in New York. My conference paper in June, which I hope to submit by the end of July for publication, is on the New York Nepalese Indigenous Film Festival, and in short, the rise of Nepali films produced and shot in indigenous languages and regions, rather than standard Nepali. I was planning to meet up with one of the filmmakers, who has since become a friend, who shot the first film ever in the Mustangi language. When I got there and texted him, he told me he had decided to go on a picnic instead. But one of the performers today also happened to be the first Sherpa filmmaker, and I met him at the end of the program and explained my research. He hasn’t shown his films in that festival before, but he was part of the nascent indigenous film movement, so I will get to interview him within a few weeks, as he lives in N.Y.

Then came home after staying for music and dinner and got tired. I may try to write something more on the fellowship application, but I think I’m better tackling it in the morning and bringing it to work. Lots of make-up paperwork to deal with, so I’m hoping to get through as much of that tomorrow as I can, so it’s not hanging over my head. I didn’t write today (technically I did after midnight), but I did work on one paper, even at a distance.