Day 4 and Day 5

Not a lot done on Day 4. Still spending too much time tying up loose ends with schoolwork and helping other people, so by last night I only had about 15-30 minutes to spend on writing. I did start to copy all my photo files onto my new external hard drive which I need to get organized, especially if this photo essay is going to happen.

Did not do too much today on Day 5, as I was in New York all day, but I did spend a good hour at night on my fellowship proposal, which is due Monday. Because I started a few days ago, I’ve had time to let my brain percolate and do some rewriting in my head. I now have 868 words for the project essay (max. 750, so that’s good, I can cut and make it tight), then I have to adapt the rest of what I have for the 500 word bio essay and then the 100 word summary. I hope to get all that done tomorrow (Thursday) so that I can spend time Friday and Saturday fixing it up and sending it in not at the last minute.

I’m also going in to the office tomorrow with, among other things, a stack of memory cards so I can continue the download. My mom’s old computer is still here and it has sufficient memory capacity (unlike my dying laptop), but it literally hasn’t been turned on in at least 4 years so I have no idea what will happen. But that would make life easier than bringing in the memory cards.

Also found out that the non-peer-reviewed book chapter that was solicited is still a possibility (I’m late but the deadline is not passed), so if I could get this proposal out, that chapter and a rough cut of the photos for the photo essay by the end of next week, that doesn’t get to any of the big pieces I need to finish, but it does get a few things out, and out of the way, early in the summer. That’s actually more than I was able to finish last summer.