Days 8, 9, and 10

The first two of these days I didn’t get much done. They were the weekend and my body told me to take a rest, but also see friends and get back to photography – which is part of the creative process too, right? I photographed the Philippine Independence Day parade in NYC which is part of my series on immigrant parades. (Tonight I just found photos I took from the 2011 parade – didn’t realize it had been so long ago.) So each day I only spent 15 minutes to an hour on my proposal. But today (day 10!) the proposal was due and I just submitted it about an hour ago. It’s for a PEN writing fellowship, and my proposal is for the Golden Venture book project I have been mulling for about 25 years, and several failed book proposals. So this was the first thing I have knocked off my summer writing to-do list. And I met the deadline with over an hour to spare.

As I group my summer projects, I have to divide them into 1) peer-reviewed manuscripts sent off, 2) proposals, 3) non-peer-reviewed articles/chapters, including a conference paper, a book and a film review, and 4) creative and mixed-media projects. Or PRM-PRO-NPR-CMM. Current scoreboard now reads: 0-1-0-0. It’s a start!

Am now working late in the office for the second time transferring old photo memory cards to my new external hard drive. By the time I leave tonight I will have copied 19 memory cards (I never reuse them). I just found the card from my 2011 trip to Bangladesh with some of the best photos I have ever taken! (Or at least some of my favorites.)

Another of my all-time favorites (not taken by me) I found tonight: