A productive weekend!

I spent the weekend doing fieldwork, including 4 interviews for my conference paper next Friday! Three of them were very productive and in-depth, and one of those also included some questions for another paper in October, so I’m actually a little bit ahead of the game. I have another interview scheduled for tomorrow. These are the first interviews I have done in a year and a half! And the most anxiety-less to set up in a long time.

The paper itself only has to be 15 minutes (or 8 pages tops), but I am including a 1:45 minute video sequence, which means no more than strictly seven pages. I have enough ideas to do that.

Then, the important thing, is to expand that in the weeks that follow, to about 15-20 pages and send that off to a peer-reviewed journal. It won’t be comprehensive, but it’s a start, and could be one idea that leads to a book/chapter later on.

The interviews were about Nepalese film festivals, and I found the people willing to talk and very reflective on their practice, so they “got” what I was trying to understand.

I can’t say my block has lifted, but this is the best, most pain-free progress I have made on anything in a long long time.