Never Too Late, I guess

Academic procrastination is just what I have been doing since the end of my master’s course back in 2004. Ironic, because academic writing in real sense of the word began after the masters degree as I entered M.Phil, a two-year-pre-PhD course. It was this chronic tendency of stalling that took me 8 years to finally register for PhD program after I had completed MPhil. I suffered through the course, but the wretched biennial pales away in comparison to the traumatic experience of writing, wait, finishing the PhD dissertation. But here I am, exactly a month later after the final submission of my 4 years struggle with writing, taking up a challenge to write. Who I am kidding? Myself perhaps, but I hope to trudge, though way behind those with whom I was supposed to begin the challenge together. Still, I guess, it’s never too late start anyway.